Our Company

The location of our offices are just outside of town.  Most employee only get 30 minutes for lunch.  If they don't bring a lunch they don't eat.  We hired Bite My Buns,  kept our employees happy and allowed for great team building. - Alan Haley
We wanted to bring our community together but couldn't afford the high prices for providing meals for everyone.  We used Bite My Buns, it's was so simple and affordable. - Jackson Owen

Customer Reviews

Employee Appreciation 


Keep employee's on site with a quick and affordable lunch.   


Customer Appreciation 

Keep them shopping while showing you appreciate them. 

Open House / Brokers Open

Create a buzz around the neighborhood and treat your guest for taking a tour. 

Block party

An HOA budget can be limited not with this option feed the neighborhood.

backyard fun 


Private party that you don't want to cook for. Here's the solution. 

No matter what the occasion, we will deliver an event to remember.